PINT1 is intended to be the new site that uses daily quotes and internal banners to point visitors to the other sites. The following sites would have rotating banners on the daily quote pages that change with every impression and every new day. ads can include special offers for different companies.

??? Could also be a portal for PLR software and services as an affiliate marketing company primarily focused on marketing for the Amteah Group companies first and then others as a 2nd tier???

> General business management and the IA portal to the IA educational effort of Amteah Group

> = IA educational services for small business entrepreneurs and solo practices related to the good business practices that develop/protect/leverage Intellectual Assets. Introduction to the SLB transaction and its value

> = Small Contractor and subcontractor management services that focus on integrated construction delivery tied to tight 3d design and construction models. Aerial mapping services tied to construction projects are an added value service.

> = Podcast site related to IA identification, development, and protection. A lead generation for and